About me and pomtification

Pomtificate – v. to look at antipodean life from the perspective of an Englishman; to muse, occasionally amusingly, often dryly, mostly inconsequentially; to live in a dream-like state n. pomtification/s

Hello, g’day and welcome to my personal blog – a place where I muse, ‘pomtificate’, reflect and occasionally talk utter bollocks no doubt – but hey you can take the Brummie out of Birmingham…

I am Ben, a dual English/Australian citizen who came to Perth Western Australia from Manchester, in the north-west of England, although I was born and grew up in the aforementioned heaving metropolis that is ‘Brummijum’ bang in the middle of the country.


I lucked out and married an angel from ‘saaaf Landan’ (South London), with whom I have two laddos, who currently live with us growing into decent young men – even if we do say so ourselves.

In 2007, we made the momentous decision of swapping poking around in a shoebox house amidst the “dark satanic mills” and the “pills, thrills and bellyaches” of Manchester  for the space, light and ocean of Perth. It truly changed our lives forever. There were a fair few bumps along the way, but we love the life we now have here in this amazing land indulging in my passions and having experiences I could never have begun to imagine back in the ‘old country.’

And here on pomtification is where I write about them – fishing, writing, sport, ‘interactions with the locals’, some spiritual shit, culcha’ and pomtificating about the gloriousness, quirks and occasional frustrations of living here in Perth and Western ‘Straya – they all get a ‘Guernsey’ (don’t worry, non-Aussie readers, I’ll explain later – at least as best as I can).

So sit down, have a brew, a beer or whatever tickles your fancy, and join me in some good old pomtification and she’ll be right, no dramas, too easy…innit?

Ben C, February 2016.

5 thoughts on “About me and pomtification”

  1. Yeah Ben … pleasure to read your stream of thoufht

    “I fall into a trance, at the supermarket
    the noise flows me along, as I catch falling cans
    of baked beans on toast, technology is the most.

    and everyone seems just like me,
    they struggle hard to set themselves free
    and they’re waiting for the change


    1. Thanks, David – much appreciate your comments. I of course cannot claim credit for those words – they are from The Jam’s In The Crowd – a mighty psychedelic/pop/new wave track capturing the alienation caused by modern consumerism and society. Bloody great track, but!


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